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Your smile means a lot to us. Allow Box Hill Dentists improve and make your beautiful smile more radiant using safe and effective dental services and treatment procedures that are now made affordable to suit your needs.

What sets Box Hill Dentists apart

Professional dental team

Box Hill Dentists has an outstanding team of dental professionals and staff that are all knowledgeable and skillful in all dental services and treatment procedures that we offer. Expect us to deliver high-quality dental service every single time.

Exceptional dental procedures

With the excellent years of experience of our dental team comes the wide array of dental procedures that we are able to offer our valued clients. You can be sure that there is a dental procedure in our practice that can solve any of your dental issues.

Cost-Effective Procedures

Because we care about our clients’ dental health, Box Hill Dentists’ services and treatment procedures are made affordable so that anyone will be able to avail dental help whenever they need it without burning a hole in their pockets.

Dental Care for everyone

We, at Box Hill Dentists, give our 100% in every dental procedure or treatment that our patient needs. We only want what’s best for our patients. From the very first consultation, you can expect us to provide gentle and understanding dental care that only the best Box Hill Dental clinic can provide.

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About Us

We love it when you smile.

Your smile says a lot. It shows how you are feeling and how good you take care of your teeth. For us at Box Hill Dentists, as your dental partner, your smile shows how well we perform our dental procedures treatments and how happy you are of the exceptional results we have achieved. So keep smiling, and show the world how Box Hill Dentists can help make their smiles as radiant as yours!


Dental services and procedures we offer

General Dentistry

Teeth cleaning
Tooth extractions
Root Canal Therapy
Children’s dental care
Dental Filling


Dental Braces
Invisalign aligners
Dental Retainers
Surgical Orthodontic Assessment
TMJD Appliance

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening
Dental veneers
Tooth Bonding
Dental Bridges or Crowns
Dental Implants


What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a specialized dental treatment option utilized for very anxious patients who are too scared to handle any dental procedure. Depending on the nature of the dental procedure to be performed, a specific degree of sedation will be introduced to the patient to calm them down during the dental session. Sedation ranges from mild to complete sedation using general anaesthesia. For more information, you can contact Box Hill Dentists right away!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Dental Health

What would my first visit look like?
As a new patient of Box Hill Dentists, it is our privilege to have you join our growing family. If you wish, we can take you on a brief tour of our facility so you will be able to assess the environment that we are very proud of and you can feel comfortable and at ease going through your treatment process. Your Box Hill Dentist specialist will obtain a comprehensive initial assessment of your dental history as well as some part of your medical history that may affect your dental care plan. With the findings that the best dentist in Box Hill (that’s us!) gathered through the interview and assessment, you will partner up with them in building a dental treatment plan in order to correctly and effectively address your dental issues. Supporting and diagnostic documents such as imaging and radiographs will also be attained during your consultation. You can also expect your Box Hill Dentists specialist to give tips and pointers on how to better care for your oral and dental health. Call Box Hill Dentists to book an appointment right away!

How often should I visit Box Hill Dentists clinic?
As dental professionals, we would suggest you visit our dental facility as often as possible. This will enable both of us to regularly monitor the status of your dental health and effectively prevent any tooth damage or any dental problem to happen without us knowing. However, practically speaking, once every six (6) months may be enough to effectively monitor and assess your dental health. If, for instance, a dental problem arises in between your scheduled follow-ups, please visit Box Hill Dentists clinic as soon as possible so we can address the problem right away and avoid any further complications.

Are do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits safe?
Nowadays, a lot of products for teeth whitening are available on the market. While most of them would say that they are safe to use at home, for us at Box Hill Dentists, it is still safer to avail in-office teeth whitening procedures because of a lot of reasons. For one, the procedure is being supervised by a professional dentist and dental hygienist in our Box Hill dental facility so you can be sure that the whole process is performed correctly and safely. You can also be sure that with the help and supervision of a dental professional, damage to your gums will be avoided as the teeth whitening products will be safely applied to target the teeth alone. Furthermore, while take-home teeth whitening products promise great results, in-office teeth whitening procedure contains more potent whitening ingredients, making the results long-lasting and more effective. For more details about cosmetic teeth whitening, feel free to contact Box Hill Dentists and we will be more than happy to answer each one for you.

Why are my teeth feeling too sensitive?
Teeth sensitivity may mean a lot of things, so it is always best to consult your dentist about it. Problems with your gums receding can make the roots of your teeth exposed and the nerves vulnerable to hot or cold temperature. Likewise, tooth decay or structural damage of the tooth like chipping or cracking may also expose the inner structure of your tooth that exposes the nerves. There are over-the-counter medications and toothpaste or tooth gels that are available in the market and are readily available to provide temporary relief. However, we, at Box Hill Dentists, would still advise you to seek professional help to accurately address the problem and provide a permanent solution to your teeth sensitivity.

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