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Dental procedures are expensive; no one can deny that fact. Its high cost hinders patients from availing dental procedures and would just settle for temporary relief that pain medications offer. Not only that but knowing the exact value of a dental procedure is next to impossible. Every dental provider charges differently for the same dental service. Let’s all find out the common dental fees Australia have, why they vary, and what factors affect them.


Dental fees Australia: Common dental procedures and its cost

We gathered information from the Australian Dental Association’s annual fee survey about the common dental procedures Australians undergo every year. We also included the corresponding average amount of each dental service to shed light on how much Australians need to pay to care for their teeth.


Dental Procedure

Average cost

Comprehensive initial consultation


X-ray (per exposure)


Teeth cleaning


Fluoride treatment


Fissure sealing (per tooth)


Tooth extraction


Preparation for a root canal (one tooth)

$ 278

Dental filling

·         Anterior (Front)

·         Posterior (Back)


$153 (1 surface) or $182 (2 surfaces)

$163 (1 surface) or $202 (2 surfaces)

Dental veneers


Complete dentures



These average costs are for dental procedures performed by general dentists alone. You should expect a higher price for dental procedures performed by orthodontists, endodontists, or prosthodontists.


Dental fees Australia: Why do they differ?box-hill-dentist-dental fees

The average cost mentioned earlier comes from very different price ranges dentists charge their patients. One must wonder how dentists can charge their patients different prices for the same dental procedure. The answer is because there is no guideline or law available in Australia that standardises the fees or cost of dental services. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), the government agency under the Dental Board of Australia that provides the rules and regulations followed by dental professionals in Australia only regulate the quality of care these practitioners offer their patients. It does not cover and control the pricing and the specific procedure followed per dental condition.

Based on the information above, a patient who needs teeth cleaning can be charged ranging from $90 to $150. Or a patient with damaged teeth that only needs dental filing can be advised to undergo tooth extraction or root canal therapy depending on the discretion of the dentist (since these procedures would cost more).


Dental fees Australia: What factors affect it?

Dentists charge their patients depending on different factors. These include their practice’s location, their overhead expenses, and how they differ in performing a specific dental procedure. These factors mean that the cost for the same dental service can vary because it may take them longer to complete the method on some patients, they may use different techniques and approaches, or the level of difficulty in performing the dental service is different.


Dental health should be treated the same way as our overall medical health. Taking care of our teeth should not be considered a burden but a responsibility. Preparing for the dental fees we may get while caring for our teeth is inevitable, so we must do our part in researching the dental services of trusted dentists who we could rely on to give us quality dental care at an affordable and reasonable price.


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