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As all Australians know, the dental cost in the country is very expensive! Most Australians overlook any dental problem because of this very reason. It was also challenging to manage your dental expenses before because very few dental insurance companies give coverage to dental costs. However, now that the dental treatments and procedures are considered necessary, and the demand for it continues to increase, insurance companies begin to offer coverage as a complementary cover or a stand-alone product. And, have you heard of a no gap dental policy? Let us all find out.


No gap dental policy: What is it?

Have you had a dental procedure that is too expensive for your dental insurance to cover? Have you ever paid an out-of-pocket charge because the cost of a dental procedure exceeded your insurance’s benefit limit? That cost is what you call a gap. It is annoying, and it most of the time causes hassle and inconvenience especially if you depend on your dental insurance to shoulder all the dental fees.

Now, dental insurance companies offer a no-gap dental policy, wherein you would not have to pay the exceeding amount for a dental procedure. Yes, that right! Some dental insurance companies like Australian Unity and HCF offer different no-gap dental policies to their clients to make them feel confident in managing their dental issues and expenses.



No gap dental policy: What procedures are included?

Different insurance companies offer different coverages for dental procedures, but most of the time, procedures preventative in nature are the ones included. Their consideration is to prevent patients from having worse dental conditions in the future which would require more expensive dental treatments. Preventative procedures such as dental consults, scaling and cleaning, minor dental fillings, fluoride treatment, fissure sealing, and radiographic examinations allow patients and their dentists to maintain healthy oral and dental health.


No gap dental policy: What are the benefits?

It is a no-brainer that everyone who has a dental insurance coverage wants to have a no gap dental policy as well. Its main benefit is that it makes your dental procedures easy of the budget. You wouldn’t have to pay extra for the dental procedures you need to undergo. Maintaining your dental health will be easy-peasy because you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of a procedure as long as you have a no gap dental policy included in your insurance coverage. And because you are able to enjoy the benefits of having your preventative dental procedures done on time and on the budget, there is less possibility that any complicated dental damage or disease can occur.


No gap dental policy: What things should be considered

In making sure that you avail the perks of having a no gap dental policy, be sure that you are informed and knowledgeable about the following components of dental insurance coverage.

The annual limit and benefit limit. As the name implies, the annual limit is the maximum amount an insurance can cover for a whole year. The dental procedure’s cost should not exceed your annual limit for you to get covered. The benefit limit, on the other hand, is the covered amount your insurance allocates per each procedure. However, if you have a no gap dental policy, the benefit limit gets overlooked since the whole preventative dental procedure gets covered anyway!

The extras cover. This component is where dental treatments are included – the expenses you incur for out-of-hospital care. One should understand and take advantage of this part of their insurance coverage so that they can enjoy the full benefit of their health insurance.

The waiting period. Most insurance companies set a waiting period before a patient can fully enjoy their dental insurance coverage, general dental coverage, or coverage for basic dental procedures like preventative ones, need at least two months waiting period before you are allowed to use them. The waiting period for major dental procedures, on the other hand, requires at least 6 to 12 months’ time because these include more expensive dental works.


By making preventative dental procedures and treatments more affordable and accessible for their members, health insurance companies are shielding themselves from having to spend a fortune for more expensive procedures. Offering these coverage add-ons like the no gap dental policy also encourages you to look after your own health and finances too!


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